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[BOX SET] Toru Takemitsu [武満 徹] - Film music by Toru Takemitsu (7 CDs, 2006) Lossless, FLAC

Artist: Toru Takemitsu [武満 徹]
Title Of Album: Film music by Toru Takemitsu
Year Of Release: 2006
Label: Victor Entertainment
Genre: Classical, Film Music
Quality: FLAC (*image + .cue,log,scans)
Time: 7 CDs, 07:54:42 min
Full Size: 2,23 Gb (+1%rec.)

Released to the day of the tenth anniversary of the death of composer Toru Takemitsu, this seven disc box set features re-releases of the early 1990's "Film Music by Toru Takemitsu", which themselves were mostly re-releases of LPs issued in 1980 although with a few contemporary films added in like Black Rain. The set contains suites from the films, rather than full tracks, making this hard to recommend to people unless they are stark fans of the "sample" compilations that used to be more common in the heyday of CD releases.

Disc 1
Films directed by Masaki Kobayashi
1. Kaidan [Ghost Stories, 1964]
2. Seppuku [Commit Ritual Suicide,1962]
3. Moeru Aki [Glowing Autumn, 1979]
4. Karami-Ai [The Inheritance,1962]
5. Nihon No Seishun [Hymn to a Tired Man, 1968]
6. Kaseki [The Fossil, 1975] "]

Disc 2
Films directed by Masahiro Shinoda
1. Kaseki No Mori [The Petrified Forest, 1973]
2. Chinmoku [Silence, 1971]
3. Utsukushisa To Kanashimi To [With Beauty and Sorrow, 1965]
4. Ansatsu [The Assassination, 1964]
5. Ibun Sarutobi Sasuke [Samurai Spy, 1965]
6. Hanare Goze Orin [The Ballad of Orin, 1977]
7. Akanegumo [Clouds at Sunset, 1967]

Disc 3
Films directed by Nagisa Oshima
1. Ai No Borei [In the Realm of Passion or The Ghost of Love, 1978]
2. Tokyo Senso Sengo Hiwa [A Secret Post-Tokyo War Story, 1970]
3. Natsu No Imoto [Dear Summer Sister, 1972]
4. Gishiki [The Ceremony, 1971]
Films directed by Susumu Hani
5. Furyo Shonen [Bad Boys, 1961]
6. Mitasareta Seikatsu [A Full Life, 1962]

Disc 4
Films directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara
1. Tanin No Kao [Stranger's Face, 1966]
2. Sama Soruja [Summer Soldiers, 1972]
3. Otoshiana [The Pitfall, 1962]
4. Shiroi Asa [The White Dawn, 1964]
5. Suna No Onna [Woman in the Dunes, 1964]
6. Jose Torres [Jose Torres, 1959]
7. Moetsukita Chizu [Ruined Map, 1968]
8. Rikyu [Rikyu, 1989]

Disc 5
Film directed by Akira Kurosawa
1. Dodes'ka-Den [Dodes'ka-Den, 1970]
Film directed by Toichiro Narushima
2. Seigen-Ki [Time within Memory, 1973]
Film directed by Shiro Toyota
3. Yotsuya Kaidan [Illusion of Blood, 1966]
Film directed by Mikio Naruse
4. Midaregumo [Bellowing Clouds or Scattered Clouds, 1967]
Film directed by Shohei Imamura
5. Kuroi Ame [Black Rain, 1989]

Disc 6
Film directed by Kon Ichikawa
1. Kyo [Kyo, 1968]
2. Taiheiyo Hitoribocchi [Alone on the Pacific, 1963]
Film directed by Noboru Nakamura
3. Koto [Twin Sisters of Kyoto, 1963]
4. Niju-issai no Chichi [21-year old Father, 1964]
5. Ki No Kawa [The River Kino, 1966]
Film directed by Hideo Onchi
6. Akogare [Longing or Once a Rainy Day, 1966]
7. Nyotai [Female Body or The Call of Flesh, 1964]
8. Subarashii Akujo [A Marvelous Kid or Wonderful Bad Woman, 1963]
9. Shiawase [Happiness, 1974]

Disc 7
Film directed by Eizo Sugawa
01. Kemono-Michi [Beast Alley, 1965]
Film directed by Hiromichi Horikawa
02. Saigono Shinpan [Last Judgement, 1965]
Film directed by Masahisa Sadanaga
03. Sabita Honoo [Incandescent Flame, 1977]
Film directed by Masahiro Shinoda
04. Sakura no Mori no Mankai no Shita [Under the Blossoming Cherry Tree, 1975]
Film directed by Kei Kumai
05. Interview "Film Music & Me" 01: "Tenpyo no Iraka [1980]" main theme
06. Interview "Film Music & Me" 02: about "Tenpyo no Iraka [1980]"
Film directed by Ko Nakasima
07. Interview "Film Music & Me" 03: sound experiments of the Takemitsu's debut "Kurutta Kajitsu [Crazed Fruit, 1956]"
08. Interview "Film Music & Me" 04: "Kurutta Kajitsu [Crazed Fruit, 1956]" main theme
Film directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara
09. Interview "Film Music & Me" 05: recording scene of "Tanin No Kao [Stranger's Face, 1966]"
10. Interview "Film Music & Me" 06: People around the Japanese Nouvelle Vague
11. Interview "Film Music & Me" 07: traditional music & one-note structure
Film directed by Masaki Kobayashi
12. Interview "Film Music & Me" 08: from "Seppuku [Commit Ritual Suicide,1962]"
13. Interview "Film Music & Me" 09: Directing of film music
14. Interview "Film Music & Me" 10: importance of Mix & responsibility of Composers
Film directed by Masahiro Shinoda
15. Interview "Film Music & Me" 11: episode about recordings of "Kawaita Hana [Pale Flower, 1964]"
16. Interview "Film Music & Me" 12: "Kawaita Hana [Pale Flower, 1964]" 1st scene
17. Interview "Film Music & Me" 13: relationship between Films & my Music Works

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