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VA - Ultimate Chopin: The Essential Masterpieces (2007) [5 CD Box Set] [Lossless]

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Ultimate Chopin: The Essential Masterpieces
Year Of Release: 2007
Label: Decca
Country: EU
Genre: Classical
Quality: WEB FLAC (*tracks, log, covers)
Bitrate: Lossless
Time: 5 CDs, 05:46:41 min
Full Size: 1,17 Gb

Like other titles in this substantial Decca series, Ultimate Chopin is a box set devoted to recordings drawn from the label's prestigious backlist, designed to give beginners and casual listeners a well-rounded introduction to this Romantic master of piano music. The affordable package of five CDs includes Chopin's two concertos for piano and orchestra, as well as his solo keyboard works, such as the nocturnes, ballades, preludes, impromptus, and waltzes. By no means is this the entirety of Chopin's output, for many significant works are not included, including the sonatas, scherzos, etudes, polonaises, and mazurkas, to name only keyboard works, so the term "ultimate" is hyperbolic. Furthermore, these should not be misconstrued as greatest hits, for most of Chopin's music is beloved and the selection was not based on popularity, but on being a representative and well-balanced offering. Still, this is an impressive amount of music for beginners to absorb, and the performances by such major artists as Jorge Bolet, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Claudio Arrau, and Zoltán Kocsis are among the most legendary and enjoyable to be found in Decca's catalog, so this is an impressive package.

CD 1

Piano Concerto No.1 In E Minor, Op.11
01. I. Allegro Maestoso
02. II. Romance: Larghetto
03. III. Rondo: Vivace

Piano Concerto No.2 In F Minor, Op.21
04. I. Maestoso
05. II. Larghetto
06. III. Allegro Vivace

Jorge Bolet (Piano), Orchestre Symphonique De Montreal, Charles Dutoit (Conductor) 

CD 2

Nocturnes 1-14
01. No.1 In В Flat Minor, Op.9 No.1
02. No.2 In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2
03. No.3 In В Major, Op.9 No.3
04. No.4 In F Major, Op.15 No.1
05. No.5 In F Sharp Major, Op. 15 No.2
06. No.6 In G Minor, Op. 15 No.3
07. No.7 In С Sharp Minor, Op.27 No.1
08. No.8 In D Flat Major, Op.27 No.2
09. No.9 In В Major, Op.32 No.1
10. No.10 In A Flat Major, Op.32 No.2
11. No.11 In G Minor, Op.37 No.1
12. No.12 In G Major, Op.37 No.2
13. No.13 In С Minor, Op.48 No.1
14. No.14 In F Sharp Minor, Op.48 No.2

Vladimir Ashkenazy (Piano) 

 CD 3

Nocturnes 15-20
01. No.15 In F Minor, Op.55 No.1
02. No.16 In E Flat Major, Op.55 No.2
03. No.17 In В Major, Op.62 No.1
04. No.18 In E Major, Op.62 No.2
05. No.19 In E Minor, Op.72
06. No.20 In С Sharp Minor, Op. Posth. 
07. Nocturne In С Minor (1837) 

The Ballades
08. No.1 In G Minor, Op.23
09. No.2 In F Major, Op.38
10. No.3 In A Flat Major, Op.47
11. No.4 In F Minor, Op.52

Vladimir Ashkenazy (Piano) 

CD 4
24 Preludes, Op.28 
01. No.1 In С Major
02. No.2 In A Minor
03. No.3 In G Major
04. No.4 In E Minor
05. No.5 In D Major
06. No.6 In В Minor
07. No.7 In A Major
08. No.8 In F Sharp Minor
09. No.9 In E Major
10. No.10 In С Sharp Minor
11. No.11 In В Major
12. No.12 In G Sharp Minor
13. No.13 In F Sharp Major
14. No.14 In E Flat Minor
15. No.15 In D Flat Major
16. No.16 In В Flat Minor
17. No.17 In A Flat Major
18. No.18 In F Minor
19. No.19 In E Flat Major
20. No.20 In С Minor
21. No.21 In В Flat Major
22. No.22 In G Minor
23. No.23 In F Major
24. No.24 In D Minor
25. Prelude In С Sharp Minor, Op.45 
26. Prelude In A Flat Major, Op. Posth. 
The Impromptus 
27. No.1 In A Flat Major, Op.29
28. No.2 In F Sharp Minor, Op.36
29. No.3 In G Flat Major, Op.51
30. No.4 In С Sharp Minor, Op.66 "Fantaisie-Impromptu"

Claudio Arrau (Piano) 

 CD 5:

The Waltzes
01. No.1 Grande Valse Brillante In E Flat Major, Op. 18
02. No.2 Valse Brillante In A Flat Major, Op.34 No.1
03. No.3 Valse Brillante In A Minor, Op.34 No.2
04. No.4 Valse Brillante In F Major, Op.34 No.3
05. No.5 Grande Valse In A Flat Major, Op.42
06. No.6 "Minute Waltz" In D Flat Major, Op.64 No.1
07. No.7 In С Sharp Minor, Op.64 No.2
08. No.8 In A Flat Major, Op.64 No.3
09. No.9 "Farewell Waltz" In A Flat Major, Op.69 No.1
10. No.10 In В Minor, Op.69 No.2
11. No.11 In G Flat Major, Op.70 No.1
12. No.12 In F Minor, Op.70 No.2
13. No.13 In D Flat Major, Op.70 No.3
14. No.14 In E Minor, Op. Posth. 
15. No.15 In E Major, Op. Posth. 
16. No.16 In A Flat Major, Op. Posth. 
17. No.17 In E Flat Major, Op. Posth. 
18. No.18 In E Flat Major, Op. Posth. 
19. No.19 In A Minor, Op. Posth. 

Zoltan Kocsis (Piano)

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