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[BOX SET] Rudolf Buchbinder - Beethoven: Complete Works for Solo Piano (15 CDs, 2012) [Lossless, FLAC]

Artist: Rudolf Buchbinder
Title: Beethoven: Complete Works for Solo Piano
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Teldec / EU
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (Image+.cue, log, d.booklet)
Total Time: 17h 38m 29s
Total Size: 3,23 Gb

Rudolf Buchbinder is firmly established as one of the most important pianists on the international scene, he is a regular guest of such renowned orchestras as the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Orchestre National de France, London Philharmonic, National Symphony, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has collaborated with the world’s most distinguished conductors including Abbado, Dohnányi, Dudamel, Frühbeck de Burgos, Giulini, Harnoncourt, Maazel, Masur, Mehta, Saraste, Sawallisch and Thielemann and is a regular guest at the Salzburger Festspiele and other major festivals around the world.


CD 1
Sonata No.3 in C major Op.2 No.3
1. I. Allegro con brio
2. II. Adagio
3. III. Scherzo: Allegro
4. IV. Allegro assai
Sonata No.4 in E flat major Op.7
5. I. Allegro molto e con brio
6. II. Largo, con gran espressione
7. III. Allegro
8. IV. Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso
Sonata No.6 in F major Op.10 No.2
9. I. Allegro
10. II. Allegretto
11. III. Presto
Sonata No.9 in E major Op.14 No.1
12. I. Allegro
13. II. Allegretto
14. III. Rondo: Allegro comodo
CD 2
Sonata No.1 in F minor Op.2 No.1
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Adagio
3. III. Menuetto: Allegretto
4. IV. Prestissimo
Sonata No.8 in C minor Op.13 "Pathetique"
5. I. Grave - Allegro di molto e con brio
6. II. Adagio cantabile
7. III. Rondo: Allegro
Sonata No.10 in G major Op.14 No.2
8. I. Allegro
9. II. Andante
10. III. Scherzo: Allegro assai
Sonata No.11 in B flat major Op.22
11. I. Allegro con brio
12. II. Adagio con molta espressione
13. III. Minuetto
14. IV. Rondo: Allegretto
CD 3
Sonata No.7 in D major Op.10 No.3
1. I. Presto
2. II. Largo e mesto
3. III. Menuetto: Allegro
4. IV. Rondo: Allegro
Sonata No.13 in E flat major Op.27 No.1 (Sonata quasi una fantasia)
5. I. Andante - Allegro - Tempo I
6. II. Allegro molto e vivace
7. III. Adagio con espressione
8. IV. Allegro vivace - Tempo I - Presto
Sonata No.14 in C sharp minor Op.27 No.2 "Moonlight" (Sonata quasi una fantasia)
9. I. Adagio sostenuto
10. II. Allegretto
11. III. Presto
Sonata No.16 in G major Op.31 No.1
12. I. Allegro vivace
13. II. Adagio grazioso
14. III. Rondo: Allegretto
CD 4
Sonata No.2 in A major Op.2 No.2
1. I. Allegro vivace
2. II. Largo appassionato
3. III. Scherzo: Allegretto
4. IV. Rondo: Grazioso
Sonata No.12 in A flat major Op.26
5. I. Andante con variazioni
6. II. Scherzo: Allegro molto
7. III. Marcia funebre sulla morte d`un eroe
8. IV. Allegro
Sonata No.18 in E flat major Op.31 No.3
9. I. Allegro
10. II. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
11. III. Menuetto: Moderato e grazioso
12. IV. Presto con fuoco
Sonata No.27 in E minor Op.90
13. I. Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck
14. II. Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorzutragen
CD 5
Sonata No.15 in D major Op.28 "Pastoral"
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
4. IV. Rondo: Allegro ma non troppo
Sonata No.19 in G minor Op.49 No.1
5. I. Andante
6. II. Rondo: Allegro
Sonata No.20 in G major Op.49 No.2
7. I. Allegro ma non troppo
8. II. Tempo di Minuetto
Sonata No.21 in C major Op.53 "Waldstein"
9. I. Allegro con brio
10. II. Introduzione: Adagio molto -
11. III. Rondo: Allegretto moderato - Prestissimo
Sonata No.22 in F major Op.54
12. I. In tempo d`un Minuetto
13. II. Allegretto
CD 6
Sonata No.17 in D minor Op.31 No.2 "The Tempest"
1. I. Largo - Allegro
2. II. Adagio
3. III. Allegretto
Sonata No.23 in F minor Op.57 "Appassionata"
4. I. Allegro assai
5. II. Andante con moto
6. III. Allegro ma non troppo
Sonata No.24 in F sharp major Op.78
7. I. Adagio cantabile - Allegro ma non troppo
8. II. Allegro vivace
Sonata No.25 in G major Op.79
9. I. Presto alla tedesca
10. II. Andante
11. III. Vivace
Sonata No.26 in E flat major Op.81a "Les Adieux"
12. I. Adagio - Allegro - Andante espressivo
13. II. Vivacissimamente
CD 7
Sonata No.5 in C minor Op.10 No.1
1. I. Allegro molto e con brio
2. II. Adagio molto
3. III. Finale: Prestissimo
Sonata No.28 in A major Op.101
4. I. Allegro ma non troppo
5. II. Vivace alla marcia
6. III. Adagio ma non troppo, con affetto
7. IV. Allegro
Sonata No.30 in E major Op.109
8. I. Vivace ma non troppo - Adagio espressivo - Tempo I
9. II. Prestissimo
10. III. Molto cantabile ed espressivo
Sonata No.31 in A flat major Op.110
11. I. Moderato cantabile, molto espressivo
12. II. Allegro molto
13. III. Adagio - Arioso dolente - Fuga - Lo stesso tempo di Arioso - L`inversione della Fuga
CD 8
Sonata No.29 in B flat major Op.106 "Hammerklavier"
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Scherzo: Assai vivace
3. III. Adagio sostenuto, appassionato e con molto sentimento
4. IV. Largo - Allegro risoluto
Sonata No.32 in C minor Op.111
5. I. Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato
6. II. Arietta: Adagio molto semplice e cantabile

CD 9
1 - 7: 7 Bagatelles Op.33
8 - 18: 11 Bagatelles Op.119
19: Bagatelle in C major WoO56
20: Bagatelle in C minor WoO52
21 - 26: 6 Bagatelles Op.126
CD 10
1. 9 Variations on a March by Dressler in C minor WoO63
2. 6 Variations on a Swiss Song in F major WoO64
3. 24 Variations on Righini`s Arietta "Venni Amore" in D major WoO65
4. 13 Variations on the Arietta "Es war einmal ein alter Mann" in A major WoO66
5. 12 Variations on the "Menuet a la Vigano" in C major WoO68
CD 11
1. 9 Variations on the Aria "Quant`e piu bello" in A major WoO69
2. 6 Variations on the Duet "Nel cor piu non mi sento" in G major WoO70
3. 12 Variations on a Russian Dance in A major WoO71
4. 8 Variations on the Romance "Une fievre brulante" in C major WoO72
5. 10 Variations on the Duet "La stessa, la stessissima" in B major WoO73
6. 7 Variations on the Quartet "Kind, willst du ruhig schlafen" in F major WoO75
7. 8 Variations on the Trio "Tandeln und Scherzen" in F major WoO76
8. 6 Variations on an Original Theme in G major WoO77
CD 12
1. 7 Variations on "God Save the King" in C major WoO78
2. 5 Variations on "Rule Britannia" in D major WoO79
3. 32 Variations on an Original Theme in C minor WoO80
4. 6 Variations on an Original Theme in F major Op.34
5. 15 Variations and a Fugue on an Original Theme in E flat major Op.35 ("Eroica Variations")
6. 6 Variations on an Original Theme in D major Op.76
CD 13
6 National Airs with Variations for piano & flute Op.105
1. I. Air ecossais "The cottage maid"
2. II. Air ecossais "Von edlem Geschlecht war Shinkin"
3. III. Air autrichien "A Schlusserl und a Reindl"
4. IV. Air ecossais "The last rose of summer"
5. V. Air ecossais "Chilling O`Guiry"
6. VI. Air ecossais "Paddy whack"
10 National Airs with Variations for piano & flute Op.107
7. I. Air tirolien "I bin a Tiroler Bua"
8. II. Air ecossais "Bonny laddie, highland laddie"
9. III. Air de la Petite Russie
10. IV. Air ecossais "St. Patrick`s Day"
11. V. Air tirolien "A Madel, ja a Madel"
12. VI. Air ecossais "Peggy`s daughter"
13. VII. Air russe "Schone Minka"
14. VIII. Air ecossais "O Mary, at the window be"
15. IX. Air ecossais "Oh, thou are the lad of my heart"
16. X. Air ecossais "The highland watch"
with Wolfgang Schulz, flute
CD 14
1 - 34: 33 Variations on a Waltz by Diabelli in C major Op.120
35: 8 Variations on "Ich hab ein kleines Huttchen nur"
CD 15
1. Fantasia in G minor Op.77
2. Bagatelle in A minor "Fur Elise" WoO59
Sonata in D major WoO47 No.3
3. I. Allegro
4. II. Menuetto - Sostenuto
5. III. Scherzando - Allegro ma non troppo
6. Rondo in C major Op.51 No.1
7. Rondo in G major Op.51 No.2
8. Polonaise in C major Op.89
9. Andante favori in F major WoO57
10. Allegretto in C minor WoO53
11. Rondo a capriccio in G major Op.129
12. Allegretto quasi andante in G minor WoO61a

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