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[BOX SET] Hagen Quartett - Mozart: Complete String Quartets (2006) [Lossless, FLAC]

Artist: Hagen Quartett
Title Of Album: Mozart: Complete String Quartets
Year Of Release: 2006
Label:  Deutsche Grammophon
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (*image+.cue,log, covers)
Total Time: 7 CDs, 08:51:01 min
Total Size: 2,21 Gb

Recorded between 1989 and 2004, the Hagen Quartet's recordings of Mozart's complete music for string quartet is clearly the finest set of the works released in the early digital age. For one thing, because the collection includes not only the 23 canonical string quartets but also the three early Divertimenti for string quartet, the five Fugues from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier arranged by Mozart, and the late Adagio and Fugue in C minor, their set really is the complete music for string quartet. For another thing, because the performances were recorded by Deutsche Grammophon in their finest translucent digital sound, this set is the cleanest and clearest available. But, most importantly, the Hagen's performances are certainly among the finest ever given to the music. The wit, the charm, the poise, the elegance, the balance, the depth, the sheer ravishing beauty of Mozart's string quartet writing have rarely been so fully realized -- and then only in stereo sets that include only the 23 standard quartets. For performance, sound, and inclusiveness, this set is the one to get if you're looking to get only one set of Mozart's quartets.



Divertimento in D major, K.136
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Presto
Divertimento in B-flat major, K.137
4. I. Andante
5. II. Allegro di molto
6. III. Allegro assai
Divertimento in F major, K.138
7. I. Allegro
8. II. Andante
9. III. Presto
Quartet in G major, K.80
10. I. Adagio
11. II. Allegro
12. III. Minuetto-Trio
13. IV. Rondeau (Allegro)
Quartet in D major, K.155
14. [Allegro]
15. II. Andante
16. III. Molto allegro
Quartet in G major, K.156
17. I. Presto
18. II. Adagio
19. III. Tempo di Menuetto


Quartet in C major, K.157
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Presto
Quartet in F major, K.158
4. I. Allegro
5. II. Andante un poco Allegretto
6. III. Tempo di Menuetto
Quartet in B-flat major, K.159
7. I. Andante
8. II. Allegro
9. III. Rondo (Allegro grazioso)
Quartet in E-flat major, K.160
10. I. Allegro
11. II. Un poco Adagio
12. III. Presto
Quartet in F major, K.168
13. I. Allegro
14. II. Andante
15. III. Menuetto-Trio
16. IV. Allegro


Quartet in A major, K.169
1. I. Molto allegro
2. II. Andante
3. III. Menuetto-Trio
4. IV. Rondeaux (Allegro)
Quartet in C major, K.170
5. I. Thema (Andante) & Variationen
6. II. Menuetto-Trio
7. III. Un poco Adagio
8. IV. Rondeaux (Allegro)
Quartet in E-flat major, K.171
9. I. Adagio-Allegro assai
10. II. Menuetto-Trio
11. III. Andante
12. IV. Allegro assai
Quartet in B-flat major, K.172
13. I. [Allegro spiritoso.
14. II. Adagio
15. III. Menuetto-Trio
16. IV. Allegro assai
Quartet in D minor, K.173
17. I. Allegro ma molto moderato
18. II. Andantino grazioso
19. III. Menuetto-Trio
20. IV. Allegro


Quartet in G major, K. 387
1. I. Allegro vivace assai
2. II. Menuetto. Allegro - Trio
3. III. Andante cantabile
4. IV. Molto Allegro
Quartet in D minor, K. 421
5. I. Allegro moderato
6. II. Andante
7. III. Menuetto. Allegro - Trio
8. IV. Allegretto ma non troppo
Eine kleine Nachtmusik in G major, K. 525
9. I. Allegro
10. II. Romance
11. III. Menuetto
12. IV. Rondo


String Quartet In E Flat Major, KV 428(421b)
1. I. Allegro Non Toroppo
2. II. Andante Con Moto
3. III. Menuetto.Allegro - Trio
4. IV. Allegro Vivace
String Quartet In B Flat Major, KV 458 'The Hunt'
5. I. Allegro Vivace Assai
6. II. Menuetto.Moderato - Trio
7. III. Adagio
8. IV. Allegro Assai
String Quartet In D Major, KV 575 'Prussian No.1'
9. I. Allegrertto
10. II. Andante
11. III. Menuetto.Allegretto
12. IV. Allegretto


String Quartet In A Major, KV 464
1. I. Allegro
2. II. Menuetto - Trio
3. III. Andante
4. IV. Allegro Non Troppo
String Quartet In C Major, KV 465 'Dissonance'
5. I. Adagio - Allergro
6. II. Andante Cantabile
7. III. Menuetto.Allegro - Trio
8. IV. Allegro Molto
Four-Part Fugues KV 405
9. No.2 In C Minor (From Bach:BWV871)
10. No.7 In E Flat Major (From Bach:BWV876)
11. No.9 In E Major (From Bach:BWV878)
12. No.8 In D Minor (From Bach:BWV877)
13. No.5 In D Major (From Bach:BWV874)
Adagio And Fugue, KV 546
14. I. Adagio
15. II. Fuga.Allegro

Streichquartett D-Dur Kv.499 'Hoffmeister'
1. I. Allegretto
2. II. Menuetto. Allegretto
3. III. Adagio
4. IV. Allegro
Streichquartett B-Dur Kv.589 'Prussian No.2'
5. I. Allegro
6. II. Larghetto
7. III. Menuetto. Moderto
8. IV. Allegro Assai
Streichquartett B-Dur Kv.590 'Prussian No.3'
9. I. Allegro Moderato
10. II. Allegretto
11. III. Menuetto. Allegretto
12. IV. Allegro 

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