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Willy DeVille - Discography (1976-2008) [MP3]

Artist: Willy DeVille
Title: Discography
Year Of Release: 1976-2008
Genre: Americana, Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Cajun, Cabaret, Mariachi, Creole, Doo-wop, Country
Quality: MP3 192-320 kbps
Total Time: 27 albums, 19:12:53 min
Total Size: 3,41 Gb (+1%rec.)

Born William Borsey in Stamford, CT , Willy DeVille spent his teen years in the West Village neighbourhood of New York City. It was here that he was exposed to much of the music that would influence his own career – such as Fred Neil, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.

In 1977, he formed the group Mink DeVille with bassist Ruben Siguenza and drummer T.R. “Manfred” Allen Jr. Mink DeVille became the house band at the legendary CBGB’s, playing alongside such punk icons as Blondie and The Ramones. In that same year their debut album, Cabretta, was released to critical acclaim. Rolling Stone deemed it one of the best albums of that year. DeVille’s recordings reflected his love of music across genres. From rockabilly to Piaf, salsa to zydeco, punk to blues; they were all ingredients in his musical creations.

Willy and Mark Knopfler worked together on the 1987 album Miracle, which Mark produced, and which featured what may be DeVille’s most well known song. “Storybook Love” was also used on Mark’s soundtrack for The Princess Bride, and was nominated for the Academy Award® for Best Song.

After about 15 years away, Willy returned to New York, and continued to record and tour regularly. His 16th and final release, Pistola, came out in 2008. He was due to go out on the road for a tour in 2009, but was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, causing those plans to be cancelled. Sadly, while undergoing preparations for Hepatitis C treatment, DeVille’s doctors discovered he also had pancreatic cancer. Willy DeVille succumbed to his illnesses on August 6, 2009. To read more about Willy DeVille, please visit his official site.

1976-Live At CBGB's (13:33), 192 kbps
1977-Cabretta (35:43), 320 kbps
1978-Return To Magenta (32:47), 320 kbps
1980-Le Chat Bleu (72:24), 320 kbps
1981-Coup De Grace (37:38), 320 kbps
1981-Savoir Faire (44:21), 320 kbps
1982-Live At Montreux (65:15), 320 kbps
1983-Where Angels Fear To Tread (Expanded) (38:54), 320 kbps
1983-Where Angels Fear To Tread (Rarities) (7:32), 192 kbps
1985-Sportin' Life (35:56), 320 kbps
1987-Miracle (Expanded) (60:44), 320 kbps
1990-Victory Mixture (32:25), 320 kbps
1992-Backstreets Of Desire (57:29), 320 kbps
1992-I Call Your Name (19:58), 320 kbps
1993-Live (67:01), 320 kbps
1994-The Best of Willy Deville (61:18), 192 kbps
1995-Loup Garou (55:26), 320 kbps
1996-Live In De Doelen City Rotterdam (87:17), 320 kbps
1997-The Best Of (66:51), 320 kbps
1999-Horse Of A Different Color (39:43), 320 kbps
2001-Love & Emotion (66:10), 320 kbps
2001-The Mink DeVille Collection (70:52), 320 kbps
2002-Willy DeVille Acoustic Trio - In Berlin
2004-Crow Jane Alley (41:19), 320 kbps
2005-Live In The Lowlands (91:48), 320 kbps
2008-Live In Bremen
2008-Live In Carre In Amsterdam (100:31), 320 kbps
2008-Pistola (43:26), 196 kbps (VBR)

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