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Susumu Hirasawa [平沢進] - Discography [37 Albums] (1989-2016)

Artist: Susumu Hirasawa
Title Of Album: Discography
Year Of Release: 1989-2016
Genre: Experimental, Avant-Garde, Electronic, Progressive Rock
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Size: 5,95 Gb
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Susumu Hirasawa (平沢 進 Hirasawa Susumu?, born April 1, 1954), nicknamed "Hirasawa" (ヒラサワ?) and "Shishō" (師匠?), is a Japanese music artist and composer.

In the fifth year of elementary school, Hirasawa took up the electric guitar, inspired by the surf rock bands he heard on the radio and on TV. In 1973 he formed Mandrake, a progressive rock band that incorporated elements from heavy metal and krautrock. One of the few Japanese progressive rock bands of its time, Mandrake achieved little success and released no albums during its lifetime. After discovering punk rock and working on synthesizer-heavy projects, Hirasawa felt that progressive rock became just entertainment and decided to reform the band as an electropunk unit.

In January 1, 1979, Mandrake became the new wave/electronic rock band P-Model. Originally a commercially successful band—with the albums In a Model Room and Landsale considered hallmarks of Japanese technopop—they turned to decidedly uncommercial post-punk and experimental rock after Hirasawa went through an averse reaction to his fame. The band went through various lineups, all led by Hirasawa, and achieved some popularity on the Japanese independent music scene. The group released eight albums during this run, and kept operating until 1988, when Hirasawa decided to "freeze" it.

Following P-Model's "freezing", Susumu Hirasawa started his solo career, releasing three albums from 1989 to 1991. Working outside of the restraints of a band, his early solo career was marked by a refusal to stick to any particular genre. In September 1991, P-Model was "defrosted", featuring a revamped lineup and a new techno sound. Hirasawa worked with the band while concurrently making side albums solo. The "defrosted" version of P-Model ended in October 1993, when it was put into "revision". Hirasawa relaunched his solo career in 1994 with the symphonic "second debut" Aurora and later that year launched a "revised" P-Model, with a completely different lineup and a beat-heavy electronica style. He kept working with this version of the band until 2000. Hirasawa has since released solo albums, some of which as the unit Kaku P-Model, effectively a solo continuation of P-Model. Working with various units, side-projects and solo, Hirasawa has a "main" discography that consists of 34 albums.

While Hirasawa is mostly remembered in Japan for the first two P-Model albums, he has achieved international recognition for his soundtrack work, particularly for the adaptations of the Kentaro Miura manga Berserk and the work of anime director Satoshi Kon. Both men have listened to Hirasawa's music while working, have been inspired by the themes of his works and directly requested that he compose music for their productions.

[1989.09.01] Jikuu no Mizu [時空の水] (CBR 320 kbps)
[1990.05.25] Science no Yuurei [サイエンスの幽霊] (CBR 320 kbps)
[1991.05.25] Virtual Rabbit [ヴァーチュアル・ラビット] (CBR 320 kbps)
[1994.02.25] AURORA (CBR 320 kbps)
[1995.08.02] Sim City (CBR 320 kbps)
[1996.08.01] SIREN (CBR 320 kbps)
[1998.08.21] Kyuusai no Gihou [救済の技法] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2000.10.05] Kenja no Propeller [賢者のプロペラ] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2003.02.13] BLUE LIMBO (CBR 320 kbps)
[2005.08.31] ICE-9 (CBR 320 kbps)
[2006.02.02] Byakkoya [白虎野] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2009.02.18] Tenko Suru Wakusei [点呼する惑] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2010.06.23] Totsugen Hen'i [突弦変異] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2010.11.10] Hen-Gen-Ji-Zai [変弦自在] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2012.11.23] Genshou no Hana no Himitsu [現象の花の秘密] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2015.11.18] Hologram wo Noboru Otoko [ホログラムを登る男] (CBR 320 kbps)

[1992.05.02] Tamashii no Furusato ~ESSENCE OF HIRASAWA SOLO WORKS~ [魂のふる里~ESSENCE OF HIRASAWA SOLO WORKS~] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2004.01.10] Switched-On Lotus (CBR 320 kbps)
[2007.06.07] Eizo no Tame no Ongaku~Susumu Hirasawa Soundtrack no Sekai (CBR 320 kbps)
[2014.09.24] 2014 Archetype 1989-1995 Polydor Years of Hirasawa (CBR 320 kbps)
[2014.11.05] Symphonic Code Susumu Hirasawa Instrumental Music - The Polydor Years (CBR 320 kbps)

Live Albums
[2008.04.23] PHONON2550 LIVE (CBR 320 kbps)

Remix Albums
[2001.10.11] Solar Ray (CBR 320 kbps)

[1997.11.01] BERSERK -Forces- (CBR 320 kbps)
[2008.06.25] Tetragrammaton (feat. InhVmaN) (CBR 320 kbps)
[2012.02.24] Aria (CBR 320 kbps)


[1991.07.05] DETONATOR ORGUN 1 (CBR 320 kbps)
[1991.10.25] DETONATOR ORGUN 2 (CBR 320 kbps)
[1992.03.25] DETONATOR ORGUN 3 (CBR 320 kbps)
[1997.11.06] Berserk Original Soundtrack (CBR 320 kbps)
[1999.12,15] Berserk Millennium Falcon-hen Wasurebana no Shou Original Game Soundtrack (CBR 320 kbps)
[2002.09.06] Sennen Joyuu Original Soundtrack [千年女優 オリジナルサウンドトラック] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2004.11.25] Berserk Millennium Falcon-hen Seima Senki no Shou Original Soundtrack [ベルセルク ~千年帝国の鷹篇 聖魔戦記の章~ オリ&
[2005.04.05] Paranoia Agent Original Soundtrack [妄想代理人 オリジナルサウンドトラック] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2006.11.23] Paprika Original Soundtrack [パプリカ オリジナルサウンドトラック] (CBR 320 kbps)
[2016.09.14] Ash Crow (CBR 320 kbps)

[2012.02.29] HALDYN DOME (320 kbps)

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