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[BOX SET] VA - Vaughan Williams: The Collector's Edition - The Masterpieces - The Great Artists (30 CDs, 2008) [Lossless, FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Vaughan Williams: The Collector's Edition - The Masterpieces - The Great Artists
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: EMI / UK
Genre: Classical
Quality: FLAC (Tracks+.cue, log, covers, d.booklet)
Total Time: 30 CDs, 34h 41 min
Total Size: 8,62 Gb

Celebrated as the musical poet of the English landscape, Vaughan Williams was also a visionary composer of enormous range: from the pastoral lyricism of The Lark Ascending and the still melancholy of Silent Noon to the violence of the Fourth Symphony and the grand ceremonial of All people that on earth do dwell, he assumed the mantle of Elgar as our national composer. This edition, released to mark the 50th anniversary of his death, presents all the major orchestral, chamber, vocal and stage works, as well as many lesser pieces and rarities, in the finest interpretations. All your favourite Vaughan Williams is here, in over 34 hours of music on 30 CDs


CD 1: A Sea Symphony - Joan Rogers, William Shimell / RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 2: London Symphony & Symphony No. 8 - RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 3: Pastoral Symphony and Symphony No. 4 Alison Barlow, RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 4: Oboe Concerto & Symphony No. 5 - Jonathan Small, RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 5: Symphonies Nos. 6 & 9 - RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 6: Serenade to Music (choral), Partita for Double String Orchestra, Sinfonia Antartica - RLPO / Vernon Handley
CD 7: The Wasps Suite, Prelude & Fugue in C minor, Piano Concerto in C - LPO / RLPO / Piers Lane / Vernon Handley
CD 8: Piano Concerto in C for two pianos, Job - Vitya Vronsky, Victor Babin / LPO / Adrian Boult
CD 9: Serenade to Music (16 soloists), English Folk Song Suite (orch), Norfolk Rhapsody, The Lark Ascending etc - High Bean / LSO / New Phil Orch / Adrian Boult
CD 10: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, English Folk Song Suite (band), Concerto grosso, Tuba Concerto, - Various Artists
CD 11: Serenade to Music (orch), King Cole, 5 Mystical Songs, Sea Songs etc. Northern Sinfonia of England / Richard Hickox
CD 12: Variations for Brass Band (orch), Concerto accademico for violin and orchestra in D minor, String Quartet No. 1 - Bournemouth SO / Northern SInfonia of England / Richard Hickox / Britten Quartet
CD 13: Violin Sonata in A minor, String Quartet  No. 2 etc - Music Group of London
CD 14: Toward the Unknown Region, Dona nobis pacem, Magnificat etc - LPO / Adrian Boult
CD 15: An Oxford Elegy, Flos campi, Whitsunday Hymn, Sancta Civitas - KCC / LSO / David Willcocks
CD 16: Five Tudor Portraits, Benedicite, FIve variants of 'Dives and Lazarus - John Carol Cawe, Bcah Choir, New Phil Orch / LSO / David Willcocks
CD 17: Hodie, Fantasia on Christmas Carols (w/strings & organ) - Janet Baker, Bach Choir / LSO / David Willcocks
CD 18: Fantasia on Christmas Carols (w/orch), In Windsor Forest, SOngs of travel, On Wenlock Edge - Various Artists
CD 19: Mass in G minor, All People that on Earth Do Dwell, Te Deum in G, Three Preludes on Welsh Hymn tunes, othern sacred choral - KCC / David Willcocks
CD 20: Four Hymns, Merciless Beauty, Ten Blake Songs, Wenlock Edge - Ian Partridge / Music Group of London
CD 21: The House of Life, Songs of Travel (piano) - Anthony Rolfe Johnson / David Willison
CD 22: Songs with piano, choral folksong arrangements - Various Artists
CD 23: Solo folksong arrangements, A Song of Thanksgiving - LPO / Adrian Boult 
CD 24: Epithalamion, Riders to the Sea - LPO / David Willcocks / Orch Nova of London / Meredith Davies
CD 25 & CD 26: Hugh the Drover - Robert Tear Sheila Armstrong, Michael Rippon, Robert Lloyd / Choristers of St Paul's Cathedral / RPO / Charles Groves
CD 27 & CD 28: Sir John in Love - Felicity Palmer, Robert Tear, Robert Lloyd, Helen Watts, New Phil Orch / Meredith Davies
CD 29 & CD 30: Pilgrim’s Progress & rehearsal sequence - Ian Partridge, John Shirley-Quirk, Jean Temperley, John Noble / LPC / LPO / Adrian Boult


Disc: 1
  1. Behold the sea itself (chorus)
  2. Today a rude brief recitative (baritone & chorus)
  3. Flaunt out, O sea, your separate flags of nations (soprano & chorus)
  4. Token of all brave captains (chorus)
  5. A pennant universal (baritone, soprano & chorus)
  6. On the beach, at night, alone (baritone & semi-chorus)
  7. A vast similitude interlocks all (baritone & chorus)
  8. III. Scherzo: The Waves (Allegro brillante)
  9. O vast Rondure, swimming in Space (chorus)
  10. Down from the gardens of Asia descending (chorus)
  11. O we can wait no longer (baritone & soprano)
  12. O thou transcendent (soprano, baritone & chorus)
  13. Greater than stars or suns (chorus, soprano & baritone)
  14. Sail forth (chorus, soprano & baritone)
  15. O my brave Soul (soprano, baritone & chorus)

Disc: 2
  1. I. Lento - Allegro risoluto (molto pesante)
  2. II. Lento
  3. III. Scherzo (Nocturne): Allegro vivace
  4. IV. Andante con moto - Maestoso alla marcia (quasi lento) - Allegro - Maestoso alla marcia (alla I) - Epilogue (Andante sostenuto)
  5. I. Fantasia (Variazioni senza tema)
  6. II. Scherzo alla marcia (per stromenti a fiato) (Allegro alla marcia)
  7. III. Cavatina (per stromenti ad arco) (Lento espressivo)
  8. IV. Toccata (Moderato maestoso)

Disc: 3
  1. I. Molto moderato
  2. II. Lento moderato
  3. III. Moderato pesante
  4. IV. Lento [with soprano solo]
  5. I. Allegro
  6. II. Andante moderato
  7. III. Scherzo (Allegro molto) -
  8. IV. Finale (Allegro molto) con epilogo fugato (Con anima)

Disc: 4
  1. I. Rondo pastorale (Allegro moderato)
  2. II. Minuet and Musette (Allegro moderato)
  3. III. Finale: Scherzo (Presto - Lento - Presto)
  4. I. Preludio (Moderato - Allegro - Tempo I)
  5. II. Scherzo (Presto misterioso)
  6. III. Romanza (Lento)
  7. IV. Passacaglia (Moderato - Allegro - Tempo primo - Tempo del Preludio)

Disc: 5
  1. I. Allegro -
  2. II. Moderato -
  3. III. Scherzo (Allegro vivace) -
  4. IV. Epilogue (Moderato)
  5. I. Moderato maestoso
  6. II. Andante sostenuto
  7. III. Scherzo (Allegro pesante)
  8. IV. Andante tranquillo

Disc: 6
  1. Serenade to Music (choral version)
  2. I. Prelude (Andante tranquillo) -
  3. II. Scherzo ostinato (Presto)
  4. III. Intermezzo (Homage to Henry Hall) (Andante con moto)
  5. IV. Fantasia (Allegro)
  6. I. Prelude (Andante maestoso)
  7. II. Scherzo (Moderato)
  8. III. Landscape (Lento)
  9. IV. Intermezzo (Andante sostenuto)
  10. V. Epilogue (Alla marcia moderato, non troppo allegro)

Disc: 7
  1. I. Overture
  2. II. Entr'acte
  3. III. March Past of the Kitchen Utensils
  4. IV. Entr'acte
  5. V. Ballet and Final Tableau
  6. Prelude
  7. Fugue
  8. I. Toccata (Allegro moderato) -
  9. II. Romanza (Lento) -
  10. III. Fuga cromatica (Allegro) con
  11. finale alla tedesca

Disc: 8
  1. I. Toccata (Allegro moderato) -
  2. II. Romanza (Lento) -
  3. III. Fuga cromatica (Allegro) con
  4. finale alla tedesca
  5. Introduction -
  6. Saraband of the Sons of God
  7. Scene II: Satan's Dance of Triumph
  8. Scene III: Minuet of the Sons of Job and Their Wives
  9. Scene IV: Job's Dream -
  10. Scene V: Dance of the Three Messengers
  11. Scene VI: Dance of Job's Comforters -
  12. Elihu's Dance of Youth and Beauty -
  13. Pavane of the Sons of the Morning
  14. Galliard of the Sons of the Morning -
  15. Altar Dance -
  16. Scene IX: Epilogue

Disc: 9
  1. Serenade to Music (original version with 16 soloists)
  2. I. March (Seventeen Come Sunday)
  3. II. Intermezzo (My Bonny Boy)
  4. III. March (Folk Songs from Somerset)
  5. Norfolk Rhapsody No. 1
  6. Fantasia on 'Greensleeves'
  7. In the Fen Country
  8. The Lark Ascending

Disc: 10
  1. Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
  2. Sea Songs - March (military band)
  3. I. March (Seventeen Come Sunday)
  4. II. Intermezzo (My Bonny Boy)
  5. III. March (Folk Songs from Somerset)
  6. Dawn Patrol (from the film Coastal Command)
  7. I. Intrada (Largo)
  8. II. Burlesca ostinata (Allegro moderato)
  9. III. Sarabande (Lento)
  10. IV. Scherzo (Allegro: tempo di valse)
  11. V. March (A la marcia) and Reprise
  12. Romance in D flat for harmonica with strings and pianoforte
  13. I. Prelude (Allegro moderato)
  14. II. Romanza (Andante sostenuto)
  15. III. Finale: Rondo alla tedesca (Allegro)

Disc: 11
  1. Serenade to Music (orchestral version)
  2. The Poisoned Kiss - Overture
  3. (Allegro moderato)
  4. Pipe Dance
  5. Bowl Dance
  6. Morris Jig: 'Go and 'list for a sailor'
  7. Folk Song: 'A Bold Young Farmer'
  8. Folk Tune: 'The Jolly Thresherman'
  9. Solo Jig
  10. Easter
  11. I got me flowers
  12. Love bade me welcome
  13. The Call [baritone only]
  14. Antiphon [chorus only]
  15. Prelude on an Old Carol Tune
  16. The Running Set
  17. Prelude: 49th Parallel
  18. Sea Songs - March (sym. orch.)

Disc: 12
  1. Theme: Andante maestoso
  2. Variation I: Poco tranquillo
  3. Variation II: Tranquillo cantabile
  4. Variation III: Allegro
  5. Variation IV: Canon (Allegro)
  6. Variation V: Moderato sostenuto
  7. Variation VI: Tempo di valse
  8. Variation VII: Arabesque (Andante sostenuto)
  9. Variation VIII: Alla polacca
  10. Variation IX: Adagio
  11. Variation X: Fugato (Allegro moderato e risoluto)
  12. Variation XI: Chorale
  13. 1. Eventide (melody by W. H. Monk)
  14. 2. Dominus regit me (melody by J. B. Dykes)
  15. I. Allegro pesante
  16. II. Adagio
  17. III. Presto
  18. 2. Rhosymedre (melody by J. D. Edwards, 1805-1885)
  19. 3. Hyfrydol (melody by R. H. Prichard, 1811-1887)
  20. I. Allegro moderato
  21. II. Minuet and Trio (Tempo di minuetto)
  22. III. Romance (Andante sostenuto)
  23. IV. Finale: Rondo capriccioso (Allegro molto - Pochettino più mosso)

Disc: 13
  1. I. Fantasia (Allegro giusto)
  2. II. Scherzo (Allegro furioso, ma non troppo)
  3. III. Tema con variazioni
  4. I. Prelude (Lento ma non troppo)
  5. II. Scherzo (Prestissimo)
  6. III. Alla sarabanda (Allegro moderato)
  7. IV. Burlesca (Allegro moderato)
  8. 1. Lovely on the Water (Adagio)
  9. 2. Spurn Point (Andante sostenuto)
  10. 3. Van Dieman's Land (Larghetto)
  11. 4. She borrowed some of her mother's gold (Lento)
  12. 5. The Lady and the Dragoon (Andante tranquillo)
  13. 6. As I walked over London Bridge (Allegro vivace)
  14. I. Prelude (Allegro appassionato)
  15. II. Romance (Largo)
  16. III. Scherzo (Allegro)
  17. IV. Epilogue: Greetings from Joan to Jean (Andante sostenuto)

Disc: 14
  1. Toward the Unknown Region - A song for chorus and orchestra
  2. I. 'Agnus Dei' (Lento) -
  3. II. 'Beat! beat! drums!' (Allegro moderato) -
  4. III. Reconciliation (Andantino) -
  5. IV. Dirge for Two Veterans (Moderato alla marcia) -
  6. V. 'The Angel of Death has been abroad' (L'istesso tempo) -
  7. VI. 'O man greatly beloved'
  8. Fantasia (quasi variazione) on the Old 104th
  9. Magnificat

Disc: 15
  1. (Lento)
  2. Go, for they call you, Shepherd
  3. Here will I sit and wait
  4. Screen'd is this nook
  5. That sweet city
  6. Come, let me read
  7. Or in my boat I lie
  8. And once, in winter
  9. But what - I dream!
  10. No, no, thou hast not felt
  11. Runs it not here
  12. Needs must I, with heavy heart
  13. Soon will the high Midsummer pomps
  14. He hearkens not!
  15. Never more
  16. Yes, thou art gone!
  17. Despair I will not
  18. Why faintest thou?
  19. Whitsunday Hymn (No. 3 of Three Choral Hymns)
  20. 1. Sicut Lilium inter spinas (Lento) -
  21. 2. Jam enim hiems transiit (Andante con moto) -
  22. 3. Quaesivi quem diligit anima mea (Lento - Allegro moderato) -
  23. 4. En lectulum Salomonis (Moderato alla marcia) -
  24. 5. Revertere, revertere Sulamitis! (Andante quasi lento) -
  25. 6. Pone me ut signaculum (Moderato tranquillo)
  26. I was in the spirit (Lento)
  27. And I saw Heaven opened (Allegro)
  28. And I saw an angel standing in the sun (Meno mosso)
  29. Babylon the great is fallen (Lento)
  30. Rejoice over her O Heavens (Allegro moderato)
  31. And I saw a new heaven (Adagio)
  32. Therefore are they before the throne of God (Poco meno largo)
  33. And I saw a pure river
  34. Holy, Holy, Holy (Andante sostenuto)
  35. Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory (Poco animato)

Disc: 16
  1. 1. Ballad: The Tunning of Elinor Rumming
  2. 2. Intermezzo: My Pretty Bess
  3. 3. Burlesca: Epitaph on John Jayberd of Diss
  4. 4. Romanza: Jane Scroop (Her Lament for Philip Sparrow)
  5. 5. Scherzo: Jolly Rutterkin
  6. Benedicite
  7. Five Variants of 'Dives and Lazarus'

Disc: 17
  1. This is the truth sent from above -
  2. Come all you worthy gentlemen -
  3. On Christmas night all Christians sing -
  4. God bless the ruler of this house
  5. I. Prologue: Nowell! Nowell!
  6. II. Narration: Now the birth of Jesus Christ -
  7. III. Song: It was the winter wild
  8. IV. Narration: And it came to pass in those days
  9. V. Choral: The blessed son of God
  10. VI. Narration: And there were in the same country
  11. VII. Song: The Oxen (Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock)
  12. VIII. Narration: And the shepherds returned
  13. IX. Pastoral: The shepherds sing
  14. X. Narration: But Mary kept all these things
  15. XI. Lullaby: Sweet was the song the Virgin sang
  16. XII. Hymn: Bright portals of the sky
  17. XIII. Narration: Now when Jesus was born
  18. XIV. The March of the Three Kings: From kingdoms of wisdom -
  19. XV. Choral: No sad thought his soul affright
  20. XVI. Epilogue: In the beginning was the Word

Disc: 18
  1. This is the truth sent from above
  2. Come all you worthy gentlemen
  3. On Christmas night all Christians sing
  4. God bless the ruler of this house
  5. Yorkshire Wassail Song (We've been awhile a-wandering)
  6. i. The Conspiracy (Shakespeare)
  7. II. Drinking Song (John Still or William Stevenson)
  8. III. Falstaff and the Fairies (Shakespeare, Ravenscroft and Lyly)
  9. IV. Wedding Chorus (Ben Johnson)
  10. V. Epilogue (attrib. Campion)
  11. 1. The Vagabond
  12. 2. Let beauty awake
  13. 3. The Roadside Fire
  14. 4. Youth and Love
  15. 5. In Dreams
  16. 6. The infinite shining heavens
  17. 7. Whither must I wander
  18. 8. Bright is the ring of words
  19. 9. I have trod the upward and the downward slope
  20. I. On Wenlock Edge
  21. II. From far, from eve and morning
  22. III. Is my team ploughing?
  23. IV. Oh, when I was in love with you
  24. V. Bredon Hill
  25. VI. Clun

Disc: 19
  1. O, clap your hands
  2. Kyrie
  3. Gloria
  4. Credo
  5. Sanctus - Osanna I - Benedictus - Osanna II
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. All people that on earth do dwell (Old Hundredth)
  8. O taste and see
  9. Te Deum in G
  10. For all the saints (Sine nomine)
  11. 1. Bryn Calfaria (melody by W. Owen, 1814-1893)
  12. 2. Rhosymedre (melody by J. D. Edwards, 1805-1885)
  13. 3. Hyfrydol (melody by R. H. Prichard, 1811-1887)
  14. The Truth from Above
  15. O little town of Bethlehem (v.3 arr. Ledger)
  16. Joseph and Mary
  17. And all in the morning
  18. Alleluya, sing to Jesus (Hyfrydol) [last verse omitted]
  19. Come down, O Love divine (Down Ampney)
  20. All people that on earth do dwell (The Old Hundredth)

Disc: 20
  1. Lord! Come away (J. Taylor)
  2. Who is this fair one? (I. Watts)
  3. Come Love, come Lord (R. Crashaw)
  4. Evening Hymn (translated R. Bridges)
  5. Your eyën two
  6. So hath your beauty
  7. Since I from love
  8. 3. The New Ghost
  9. 4. The Water Mill
  10. 1. Infant Joy
  11. 2. A Poison Tree
  12. 3. The Piper
  13. 4. London [oboe tacet]
  14. 5. The Lamb
  15. 6. The Shepherd [oboe tacet]
  16. 7. Ah, Sunflower!
  17. 8.Cruelty has a human heart
  18. 9. The Divine Image [oboe tacet]
  19. 10. Eternity
  20. I. On Wenlock Edge
  21. II. From far, from eve and morning
  22. III. Is my team ploughing?
  23. IV. Oh, when I was in love with you
  24. V. Bredon Hill
  25. VI. Clun

Disc: 21
  1. I. Love-Sight
  2. II. Silent Noon
  3. III. Love's Minstrels
  4. IV. Heart's Haven
  5. V. Death in Love
  6. VI. Love's Last Gift
  7. I. The Vagabond
  8. II. Let beauty awake
  9. III. The Roadside Fire
  10. IV. Youth and Love
  11. V. In Dreams
  12. VI. The infinite shining heavens
  13. VII. Whither must I wander
  14. VIII. Bright is the ring of words
  15. IX. I have trod the upward and the downward slope

Disc: 22
  1. Linden Lea - A Dorset song
  2. Joy, Shipmate, Joy!
  3. A Clear Midnight
  4. Orpheus with his lute (first setting)
  5. Hands, Eyes and Heart
  6. Rest
  7. 4. The Call (soloist in v.1 Philip Martin)
  8. Linden Lea - A Dorset song
  9. 1. The Dark Eyed Sailor
  10. 2. The Spring Time of the Year
  11. 3. Just as the tide was flowing
  12. 4. The Lover's Ghost (Well met, my own true love)
  13. 5. Wassail Song
  14. Bushes and Briars
  15. Loch Lomond (1995 Digital Remaster)
  16. John Dory
  17. Greensleeves
  18. Ward, the Pirate
  19. Ca' the Yowes
  20. The Unquiet Grave
  21. The Seeds of Love
  22. Early in the Spring
  23. The Turtle Dove
  24. An Acre of Land
  25. Bushes and Briars (men's voices)
  26. 5. Wassail Song (transcr. for men's voices)

Disc: 23
  1. The Captain's Apprentice
  2. As I walked out
  3. Bushes and Briars (voice & piano)
  4. Geordie
  5. On Board a Ninety-Eight
  6. The Ploughman
  7. The Brewer
  8. Rolling in the Dew
  9. The Truth Sent from Above
  10. Joseph and Mary (voice & piano)
  11. The Saviour's Love
  12. Réveillez-vous, Piccars
  13. Chanson de quête
  14. Ballade de Jésus Christ
  15. She's like the swalllow
  16. The Morning Dew
  17. The Maiden's Lament
  18. The Cuckoo
  19. The Lawyer
  20. Searching for Lambs
  21. How cold the wind doth blow (or The Unquiet Grave)
  22. A Song of Thanksgiving

Disc: 24
  1. I. Prologue (chorus)
  2. II. Wake now (baritone and chorus)
  3. III. The Calling of the Bride (chorus)
  4. IV. The Minstrels (chorus)
  5. V. Procession of the Bride (chorus)
  6. VI. The Temple Gates (chorus)
  7. VII. The Bell Ringers (chorus)
  8. VIII. The Lover's Song (baritone and chorus)
  9. IX. The Minstrel's Song (baritone and chorus)
  10. X. Song of the Winged Loves (chorus)
  11. XI. Prayer to Juno (baritone and chorus)
  12. Where is she?
  13. Where is the bit of new rope? [fig. 12]
  14. Wait, Nora [4 bars after fig. 22]
  15. You didn't give him his bit of bread? [2 bars before 28]
  16. Bartley will be lost now [fig. 35]
  17. They are all gone now [2 bars after fig. 42]

Disc: 25
  1. (Allegro vivacissimo) - Buy, buy, buy (Cheap-Jack)
  2. Cold blows the wind on Cotsail (Showman)
  3. As I was a-walking (Ballad Seller)
  4. Show me a richer man (John)
  5. Here come the Morris men (Chorus)
  6. Life must be full of care (Aunt Jane)
  7. Sweet little linnet that longs to be free (Hugh)
  8. Horse-hoofs, horse-hoofs, thunder down the valleys (Hugh)
  9. In the night-time I have seen you riding (Mary)
  10. Mary! Mary! (Constable)
  11. Oh! the devil and Bonyparty (Showman)
  12. Yes, I! (Hugh)
  13. Are you ready? Go! (Showman)
  14. The drover's won! (Showman)
  15. I tell you there's a price on this man's head (Constable)

Disc: 26
  1. (Lento moderato) - Past four o'clock (Ballad Seller)
  2. Gaily! I go to die (Hugh)
  3. Hugh! ... Mary! (Mary/Hugh)
  4. Sweet little home (Mary)
  5. Where's she gone to? (Constable)
  6. Here, queen uncrowned (Mary)
  7. A trollop from the stocks (John)
  8. Dropped from the ranks on a winter's night (Sergeant)
  9. March away, John! (Chorus)
  10. O foolish girl, o radiant soul! (Hugh)
  11. Oh! the sky shall be our roof (Hugh/Mary)

Disc: 27
  1. (Allegro vivace) - What-hoa! (Shallow, Evans, Slender, Page)
  2. How now, Master Shallow (Falstaff, Shallow, Slender, Bardolph, Pistol, Page, Nym)
  3. O heavens, this is mistress Anne Page (Slender, Page, Falstaff, Shallow, Evans, Simple, Anne)
  4. Ahem ... I had rather than forty shillings (Anne, Slender)
  5. Weep eyes, break heart (Anne)
  6. Do but look on her eyes (Fenton, Anne)
  7. I see I cannot get thy father's love (Fenton, Anne, Page)
  8. Vere is dat knave Rugby? (Caius, Rugby, Simple, Mrs Quickly)
  9. I will myself marry Anne Page (Caius, Mrs Quickly, Rugby, Fenton)
  10. Master Fenton, I'll be sworn she loves you (Mrs Quickly, Fenton, Bardolph, Nym, Pistol, Host)
  11. Back and side go bare (Bardolph, Nym, Pistol, Host, Falstaff)
  12. I spy entertainment in her (Falstaff, Pistol, Nym, Bardolph, Host)
  13. Wilt thou revenge? (Pistol Nym, Ford)
  14. Love my wife? I will be patient (Ford)
  15. When daises pied and violets blue (Mrs Ford, Mrs Page, Ford)
  16. (Allegro moderato e maestoso)
  17. Thine own true knight (Mrs Page, Mrs Ford)
  18. Ask me no reason why I love you (Mrs Ford, Mrs Page, Mrs Quickly)
  19. Sigh no more, ladies (Mrs Quickly, Mrs Page, Mrs Ford)
  20. (Maestoso)
  21. Bardolph, Bardolph, I say! (Falstaff, Bardolph)
  22. Give your worship good morrow (Mrs Quickly, Falstaff)
  23. O that joy so soon should waste! (Falstaff)
  24. There's one Master Brook below (Bardolph, Falstaff, Ford)
  25. I have long loved her (Ford, Falstaff)
  26. The dew that lies on roses (Falstaff, Ford)
  27. Vere is mine host of de Garter? (Caius, Host, Slender, Shallow, Page, Ford)
  28. (Maestoso)

Disc: 28
  1. (Andante moderato)
  2. Yet hear me speak (Fenton, Host, Chorus, Anne)
  3. Beauty clear and fair (Fenton, Chorus, Anne)
  4. Fair and fair and twice so fair (Chorus, Fenton, Anne, Host)
  5. But listen, good mine host (Anne, Chorus, Host, Fenton)
  6. I mun be married a-Sunday (Host, Chorus, Anne, Fenton)
  7. (Lento) - When we sat down in Papylon (Evans, Simple)
  8. How now, Master Parson?
  9. Peace, I say! (Shallow, Page, Slender, Evans, Host, Caius, Simple, Rugby, Ford)
  10. When I was a bachelor (Host, Omnes except Slender and Ford)
  11. (Allegro)
  12. What, John! What, Robert! (Mrs. Ford, Mrs Page, John & Robert, Mrs Quickly)
  13. Alas my love, you do me wrong (Mrs Ford, Falstaff)
  14. Have I caught my heavenly jewel (Falstaff, Mrs Ford)
  15. Mistress Ford! Mistress Ford! (Mrs Quickly, Falstaff, Mrs Ford, Mrs Page)
  16. When I was a bachelor (Chorus of Men, Mrs Ford, Ford, Robert, Mrs Page)
  17. Nay, follow him gentleman (Page, Mrs Page, Mrs Ford, Ford, Evans, Caius, Slender, Shallow, Host, Pistol, Bardolph, Nym)
  18. Mistress Page! ... Mistress Page! (Ford, Page, Mrs Page, Host, Chorus)
  19. (Andante piacevole)
  20. Pardon me, wife (Ford, Mrs Ford, Page, Mrs Page, Evans)
  21. There is an old tale goes (Mrs Page, Page, Mrs Ford, Ford)
  22. Trib, fairies, trib ... Round about in a fair ring-a (Evans, Chorus, Mrs Page, Page, Caius, Slender, Evans, Mrs Ford)
  23. (Lento moderato [Greensleeves])
  24. (Vivace)
  25. The Windsor bell hath struck twelve (Falstaff, Mrs Ford, Mrs Page, Chorus of Fairies)
  26. Oo Oo! ... Fairies black, grey, green and white (Chorus of Fairies, Anne, Falstaff, Mrs Quickly)
  27. Dances of the Fairies (Allegro pesante) - But stay, I smell a man of middle earth (Evans, Falstaff, Host, Pistol, Chorus, Bardolph, Nym, Mrs Quickly)
  28. Pinch him, pinch him black and blue (Chorus of Fairies, Falstaff)
  29. (Moderato) - ay, do not fly (Page, Mrs Page, Ford, Mrs Ford, Host, Nym, Bardolph, Pistol, Mrs Quickly, Evans, Falstaff, Shallow, Slender, Simple, Caius) (That shld be 'Nay'...)
  30. See the chariot at hand (Chorus, Fenton, Page, Anne, Falstaff, Ford, Mrs Page, Mrs Ford)
  31. Whether men do laugh or weep (Falstaff, omnes)
  32. Dance (Presto)

Disc: 29
  1. Prologue: Bunyan in Prison
  2. Scene 1: The Pilgrim meets Evangelist
  3. Scene 2: The House Beautiful
  4. Nocturne (Intermezzo)
  5. Scene 1: The Arming of the Pilgrim
  6. Scene 2: The Pilgrim meets Apollyon
  7. Buy! What will ye buy?
  8. I buy the truth

Disc: 30
  1. Scene 2: The Pilgrim in Prison
  2. Scene 1: The Pilgrim meets Mister By-Ends
  3. Entr'acte
  4. Who so dwelleth
  5. The Lord is my Shepherd
  6. Scene 3: The Pilgrim reaches the End of his Journey
  7. Epilogue
  8. Act III Scene 1
  9. Act I Nocturne
  10. Act IV Scene 1
  11. Act IV Scene 2
  12. Act II Scene 1

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